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Super Agent: Drunk Kent is a platformer with a difference...Your drunk! Navigate challenges using your drunken reflexes and blurred sense of judgement. Utilize Super Drunk Mode to hone your drunken stupor into a kind of "slow-mo", allowing you to pass through otherwise impossible traps!

  • Physics based Platforming..
  • Drunken Slo-mo..
  • Over twenty custom made music tracks..
  • Classic platforming elements..
  • Physics puzzles..
  • Cunning retro A.I..
  • Totally physics based movement..
  • Distinct worlds to explore and survive..
  • Full Controller Support..
  • Hand Drawn Pixel Art..
  • Environment Based Traps..

You can wish-list Super Agent: Drunk on steam from the main menu if you enjoyed it!

Cheers for playing...

Install instructions

Simply unzip the game once downloaded and click on the exe!


Super Agent Drunk Kent DEMOITCH.zip 368 MB

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